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Are Digital Displays and Voice-control Revolutionizing Driving?



Rediscovering the driving experience with HMI.

  • Smart command center: the driver controls car functions using voice commands and a touchscreen with haptic feedback.
  • Artificial intelligence in the cockpit: HMI thinks ahead and prioritizes information in real time.
  • A central cockpit computer controls the complete HMI.

For quite a long time, touchscreens, handwriting recognition, and motion control have been step by step supplanting customary mechanical catches and switches in the auto – to the impairment of street security. All things considered, controlling the route framework, the on-board PC menu, or the radio is a diversion. At CES 2018, in Las Vegas, Bosch is exhibiting brilliant cockpit innovation that gives drivers a chance to focus on driving. Eyes can be kept where they ought to be: out and about.

“We are uncluttering the cockpit. The more complex the technology in modern vehicles, the simpler and more intuitive control systems need to be,” says Dr Steffen Berns, the president of Bosch Car Multimedia.

Artificial intelligence helps the transition of the human-machine interface (HMI) into a command centre that thinks ahead of us.

“Initial functionalities with artificial intelligence feed valuable information into the HMI about the driver, the vehicle, and the surroundings. That enables proactive adjustment of displays and controls to any given driving situation,” Berns says.

Bosch also draws on this information for the development of automated driving. Here too, HMI is the core element that allows optimal interplay between people and vehicles.

Operating HMI, without getting distracted

According to Allianz Center for Technology, 63 percent of drivers in Germany operate their navigation systems while driving, 61 percent switch through radio stations, and 43 percent browse through complicated menus on their on-board computers. Distractions like these are among the most frequent causes of accidents. “Our job is to make HMI a reliable companion in every situation,” Berns says. At the heart of the HMI is a voice-controlled assistant that responds to natural speech and can even understand dialects. Thanks to natural language understanding (NLU), drivers can talk to the assistant Casey as they would with a passenger. Another virtue of Casey is her ability to think ahead. Drawing on artificial intelligence, she can learn to predict likely destinations depending on the time of the day; or if she is asked to switch on the radio, she knows the driver’s preferences, such as listening to the news in the mornings and music in the evenings.


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Top 5 Mountain Bikers To Follow on Instagram




This is our far reaching manual for the gathering of mountain bikers who can convey the most activity to your course of events.

These riders’ Instagram profiles can be odd things. Very effectively they can highlight apparently unlimited fittings for support’s items blended with blagged race day shots from trackside snappers.

The best ones however can present a window into the universe of getting paid to ride bicycles, all the fun that can be had from there on, and can even get you eager to go out and ride. Here at that point, in no specific request, are our most loved recommendations for you to take after.

Yoann Barelli (yoannbarelli)

Enduro is a train that is as yet attempting to work out it’s own particular character from numerous points of view, yet in Yoann it has a rider basically expectation on having a great time. He’s as of now taking a shot at idealizing his static consume outs and riding stairs…

Rémy Métailler (remymetailler)

Frenchman Métailler is a Whistler neighbourhood, rides for Commençal and sends holes like a crackpot. On his nourish customary, crazy GoPro film intermixes with a portion of the best clean and whips in the amusement.

Josh Bryceland (ratboy_bryce)

surfing a cow because they helped me build my sick stigmata fixie! anytime…

A post shared by josh bryceland (@ratboy_bryce) on

The 2014 UCI World Cup champ is a standout amongst the smartest riders ever to swing a leg over a DH bicycle. However, he additionally cuts a more than average shape locally available any rough terrain motorbike and even fiddles with a spot of floating. Fiendishness ensured.

Wyn Masters (wynmasters)

Wyn’s #wheeliewednesday is one of Instagram’s most-cherished, bicycle-related week by week events and sees him wheelie essentially all that you can consider. He’s likewise merely marked another arrangement with GT Factory Racing so huge things could yet be, all around, wheelied.

Steve Peat (stevepeat)

Sheffield’s one of a kind living legend is set to contend in his last UCI World Cup battle before resigning toward the finish of the 2016 season. Put it like this – we question he will go out discreetly, so expect a consistent downpour of undertakings both on and off the bicycle.

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Disclaimer: All images are sourced from the web. No copyright infringement intended.

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Top 5 Motorcycles Of 2018





2018 is a much-awaited year for motorcycles. Every brand is pushing itself with some new technology, style and model. Here are the top 5 most anticipated motorcycles this year

2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

The 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Slim comes with an impressive design and look. Known for its bobber styling, the bike’s chrome triple clamps has an elaborate black fork tube cover in the 2018 version.  One of the most sought out updates on the bike is the addition of the Milwaukee-Eight motor, which churns out 110 ft/lbs of torque at a low 3000 rpm. The bike comes with dual balancing, an all-new single-shock rear suspension design, 64.2-inch wheelbase and a LED headlamp in a traditionally styled housing.


2018 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec

Another bobber styled motorcycle, the 2018 Yamaha Bolt R-Spec has a powerful 942cc V-Twin, to begin with. The SOHC, 4-valves per cylinder is a 60° V-twin engine with 31.5 mm intake & 28 mm exhaust valves that use friction reducing single valve springs. The instrument panel comes with compact digital LCD meter assembly with excellent visibility, a solo rider saddle, 298mm front disc brake and 298mm rear disc brake, double-cradle frame, 61.8-inch wheelbase, 21 mm wide carbon-fiber core belt drive, 12-spoke cast alloy wheels and 3.4-gallon fuel tank.


Kawasaki 2018 Vulcan 900 Classic

One of the best-looking cruiser bikes, the Kawasaki 2018 Vulcan 900 Classic is a beast disguised as a beauty. The 903cc engine and 5-speed gearbox motorcycle has a 5.3-gallon fuel tank and V-Twin liquid cooled engine. Built or a superior ride quality the 2018 model does not disappoint and gives peak performance on road. The motorcycle has plush bucket seat that complements its entire muscular look. Look no further if you want a great cruiser experience – the Kawasaki 2018 Vulcan 900 Classic is the one for you.


2018 Triumph America

The 2018 Triumph America is a motorcycle that offers riding style and comfort. The cool and classy bike has an 865cc parallel twin engine produces 72Nm of torque at a low 3300rpm and peak power of 61PS at 6800rpm. The beast looks totally sassy but its real face comes out while riding out on corners and maneuvering. The vehicle glides without losing comfort and control and absorbs every bump the traditional, high-strength tubular steel cradle frame and steel swingarm bike absorbs with the least effort.


2018 Indian Chief Dark Horse

This is indeed is a showstopper. Talk about traditional styling that makes heads turn – the 2018 Indian Chief Dark Horse is the beast that makes the entire town talk about its style. The award-winning Thunder Stroke 111 V-Twin engine a minimum of produces 119 ft-lbs of torque with a dual exhaust, blacked-out styling including a blacked-out headdress and aluminum wheels.


Disclaimer: Photographs utilized by this page is not the sole property of the page or it administrators; the photos utilized by us come from around the worldwide web and are shared publicly.


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The Top 5 Custom NAHBS Bikes 2018




The world’s largest display of custom made bikes – the North American Handmade Bike Show went under way in January this year. Delegates across the globe came up with their choices and showcased their creations – all the way from Japan and Europe.

Here are the top 5 bikes that stood apart –


This specific bicycle was made for Kitsbow’s Nicholas Haig-Arack. The TIG-welded steel outline includes long and slack geometry, a 150m-travel fork and substantial, 29×2.6in tires.

Building custom bikes as a youngster,and despite the fact that he’s just 24 year old, Adam Sklar is now as strong as a custom manufacturer.

Situated in Bozeman, Montana, Sklar fabricates mountain, cyclocross, rock and all-street bicycles with his mark arcing top tube. He principally creates his bicycles from steel, yet has as of late moved into the domain of titanium also.

Moots Endurance Gravel Prototype

The Steamboat, Colorado-based brand is building up another model that adjusts the organization’s YBB softtail framework to street utilize. This adaptation of the YBB gets rid of the spring/elastomer framework for a basic elastomer that gives around 20mm of back movement.

Moots Route version of rock bikes have been a hit with riders (and BikeRadar staff members). They are right now the smash hit bikes in the organization’s line.

As described by Moots showcasing executive Jon Cariveau, this yet-to-be-named model is intended for ultra-continuance rock rides. On the off chance that self-bolstered 300-350 mile occasions, for example, Trans Iowa or the new Dirty Kanza XL seem like a decent method to spend a day (or more) on a bike, at that point this may be a bike for you.

Cherubim Line of Bikes

This specific bicycle has a place with Mike Yakubowicz, proprietor of the ultra-boutique bicycle shop Blacksmith Cycle.

Cherubim adopts an exceptionally conventional strategy to outline plan and development. This plate all-street bicycle is the first of its kind delivered by the unbelievable Japanese developer.

The edge is developed from lightweight Kaisei steel tubing. It highlights chrome itemizing and bumper mounts for coordinating Honjo bumpers. The shading is named “Care Bear Camo.”

No.22 Drifter

No. 22 doesn’t hold back on the points of interest. This Drifter is decked out with an anodized outline blur with a coordinating stem, seatpost and fork. Indeed, even the titanium bottle confines include coordinating completions. The Drifter is an execution arranged rock bicycle with leeway for extensive 700c tires.

In the event that you didn’t confer the occasional table to memory in science class, 22 is the nuclear number of titanium. It’s additionally the name of this custom organization established by previous Serotta representatives.

Mosaic Bicycles

This Boulder, Colorado, developer dependably brings a flock of excellent steel and titanium bicycles to the show. Numerous titanium edges can be to some degree plain, yet flat is a word that would never be utilized to depict this Ti street bicycle.

The shading plan pulls hues from Shimano’s organization bed in a splatter paint work that reaches out to the seatpost, stem and handlebar.


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